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Total Stations

The construction industry is changing. Project layout is going digital. Are you keeping up?  Are layout problems costing you money? Or are you looking for a better way to layout your projects with increased accuracy, and labor efficiency?  Then a Robotic Total Station is your answer! 


The Leica iCON Robotic Total Stations are used in the Construction industry for many layout, As-Built checks tasks on building projects, and used by General Contractors, Framers, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Contractors, Etc.

Whether it’s Construction Layout, QA & QC (Quality Assurance & Quality Checks) or an As-built collection, start increasing your production and accuracy today by utilize the Leica iCON Robotic Total Station to layout and record all your points with one person. The iCON Robotic Total Station is capable of laying out any point in a 2-D or 3-D setting. Whether you’re laying out pipes, hanger locations, walls, or building foundations, DiMEN has a solution for you.